Limited edition tools used to make traditional Japanese soba noodles

Soba class from beginners

Ramen class, Udon class


We sell tools for making soba recommended by chefs.

Noodle Knife

A knife for exclusive use of noodle cutting was made using the skill of a craftsman.

We also make left-handed ones.

Kneading Bowls

As it is lacquered using the traditional craftsmanship, it is hygienic and long lasting.

Cutting Guide Board

It is a tool to make the fineness of noodles accurately. Craftsman made with great care.

Noodle knife (2)

Today, we make antiques and limited edition items that are not available due to a shortage of craftsmen. Experience the good old days through traditional noodle making. The tools are handmade by traditional Japanese craftsmen and are finished over time.

Shuichi Kotani

Master Soba Chef

Soba is a very healthy food. I will deliver about 400 years of Japanese tradition of making real soba to people all over the world through online. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us by email.


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